About Us

Canary’s work is based on decades of scientific research, cutting-edge digital technology, and a flexible platform design based on AI driven nano-technology used for targeted therapies and rapid disease diagnosis.
Our Mission
To harness the transformative power of gene therapy and AI-driven precision diagnostics to revolutionize healthcare and empower individuals to live healthier, longer lives.
Our Vision
Our vision is to transform patient care by providing targeted novel gene therapy aided by precision diagnostics for the diseases that are hardest to treat. In partnership with key opinion leaders, clinicians, regulatory experts, data scientists and commercial partners, we aim to develop the most rigorous and fastest pathway to develop our products, so patients and their doctors can use them to improve and save lives.

Raj Reddy

CEO & President, Founder

Company Overview

Next Generation Gene Therapy Supported by Precision Dx


Our Commitment

We are committed to advancing the field of gene therapy and improving the lives of patients worldwide. Our team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians is dedicated to:

Our Technology

At Canary Global Inc., we are harnessing the transformative power of gene therapy to combat debilitating diseases. Our innovative approach, combining targeted gene therapy with a multi-pronged strategy targeting miRNA, aims to halt disease progression and restore function.


Canary's lead product candidate is a drug candidate to treat rheumatoid arthritis that includes a combination of microRNA targets.


Canary has already developed and registered a molecular POC dx platform that can detect genomic material with high sensitivity and specificity.

Meet Our

Our Team

With global industry experience, our team values collaboration, shares a passion for finding solutions to life’s biggest challenges and a desire to unlock the power of microRNA to transform healthcare for all.

Raj Reddy

CEO & President, Founder

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Anna Wang

Senior Vice-President - Corporate Affairs & Partnerships, Co-Founder

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Dr. Guangping Gao, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor, Gene Therapy and Rare Diseases

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Dr. Purav Badani

Head Scientist

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Claire Henchcliffe, MD, D.Phil

Senior Medical Advisor, Neurological Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease

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Dr Christine Duncan

Senior Scientific and Medical advisor , Rare Neurological Disease

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Dr Troy Lund

Senior Scientific and Medical advisor , Rare Neurological Disease

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Dr. Sanjay Gandhi

MD Senior Medical Advisor

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Canary Detect

A liquid-based detection platform that harnesses smart sensors and deep learning for early disease detection. By combining nano-sensor technology with artificial intelligence, we can detect diseases, characterize cancers, predict their response to treatment, and monitor their outcome.

Liquid Diagnostics

Ultra-Rapid Mobile Platform

The COVID-19 Ultra-Rapid Mobile Test, offered by Canary Global Inc., is an accurate, non-invasive COVID-19 test that gives results within minutes. It offers fast test results, storage for future reference, and works securely on most modern iOS and Android devices. Under research and not available commercially.

DigiGENE™ Pro

DigiGENE™ provides real-time genetic targeting results for a range of conditions to help medical professionals accelerate therapy development and monitor patients' progress. It is a portable, precision medical tool that uses multiplex biomarkers and our DigiGENE platform. This product is under research and development and not available commercially.
Canary Breath DETECT™

Breath Diagnostics

An ultra-rapid, non-invasive, real-time disease detection platform based on breath.

Canary Breath Detect CV-19™

The Canary Breath Detect CV-19, available on the Breath Detect platform, detects biomarkers and patterns in the breath unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Based on artificial intelligence, proprietary pattern recognition software, and new sensor technology, the innovative patent-pending platform can deliver accurate results after testing. This device is a research platform.


AI Powered Intelligence
SentinelAI, Canary's HIPAA-compliant desktop software designed to be used at test sites and by test operators, can facilitate hardware and cloud connection, process tests, and share results.

With Canary's deep-learning platform, users can not only build the world's largest library of digital disease profiles, but also monitor global disease prevalence and spot outbreaks.

Our Canary platform can identify and characterize disease variants and mutations, providing the critical and timely information to mount a rapid response even before adverse events are learned.